who can also play in the centre of defence if demanded FIFA Mobile Coins
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A flexible right-back who can also play in the centre of defence if demanded FIFA Mobile Coins , Kelvin Amian isn't like a lot of modern full-backs in that he worries about defending attacking and first afterwards. His existing standout stats are the ones that'll help him prevent the resistance, including 77 for both types of managing, 73 for interceptions and 75 for aggression, significance resistance wingers might need to be on their game to prevent end up in his back pocket.

A fine ball-playing centre-half who has the passing skills to play further up the pitch, Boubacar Kamara is definitely one to see. 73 for ball control and stats in the mid-seventies for both short and long passing mean he won't fear when in possession, while 76 for aggression, 74 for status tackles and 72 for sliding ones imply he is not shy about winning the ball in the first location. Ranked 72 overall already despite being just 18 years old, he has got the potential to go to achieve 88, so snap up him while Marseille still only need around $6.5m because of him.

You don't find many 19-year-olds playing with centre-back in among Europe's best five leagues however Nicolas Cozza is currently staking a claim on a spot in Montpellier's back line. While he is simply rated 68 overall in the moment, a glimpse at his own numbers should give you an idea what kind of player he is. His defensive stats could only just be breaking into the seventies, but using 79 for acceleration and 76 for sprint speed he has got the pace to get himself out of trouble if needed. Strength and stamina could do with work only with the potential to reach 84 along with a price tag of just under $2m there is still plenty of time to enhance cheap FIFA Coins .

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